Showcasing Ulrick Jean-Pierre's Art

About Me

Image of "Marie Catherine Laveau," known as the "Voodoo" Queen of New Orleans.


Embodying the rich, centuries-old cultural connection between Haiti and New Orleans, Ulrick Jean-Pierre distinguishes his florid paintings of historic Haitian milestones with an infusion of pride and spirituality. Inspired by a sculptor uncle, Jean-Pierre began drawing at age four and painting at age sixteen. After high school,  he apprenticed under the great Lavorancy Exume’ and Rene’ Exume’ at Le Froyer des Arts Plastiques in Haiti before furthering his studies in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, at the (formerly known Philadelphia College Of Arts) University of the Arts and Fleisher Memorial School for the Arts. Jean-Pierre moved to New Orleans in the mid 1990s and has proven quite prolific in styles that vary from surrealism to traditional portraiture such as Marie Laveau (Invoking the Spirit of Love) and portrait of Dr. Margaret M. Armand and Toussaint Louverture. Jean-Pierre’s chronological list of exhibits, presentations and artistic activities, began from 1975 to the present day.

My Medium

I use mainly oil on canvas.

Emperor Jean-Jacques Dessalines

My artistic process

For me, creating a historical painting consists of months of extensive research prior to the physical creative process. At times, I also do detailed archival research on the subject matter. Before starting to create on the canvas I have to feel a sense of unity with my subject matter before I approach my canvas in order to start the act of creation.