Art Exhibit "Transcendent: More to Haiti than you know" at Hartsfield-Jackson Airport

Past Exhibitions, Lectures, Presentations and Publications



"TheTies that Bind: Haiti, the United States and the Work of Ulrick Jean-Pierre in Comparative Perspective", The University of Kansas, Sept 2018-January 2019


"The Spirit of Haitian Culture: Creativity, Perseverance and Resilience" (Group Show) - Selected paintings from The Haitian Cultural Legacy Collection of Dr. Jean Chenier Brierre and Mrs. Nicole Riboul Brierre - George and Leah McKenna Museum of African-American Art, New Orleans, LA. 

"Contemporary Artists Respond to the New Orleans Baby Dolls" (Group Exhibit). Sponsored by Xavier University of Louisiana and The George and Leah McKenna Museum of African-American Art, New Orleans, LA. 


"The Ties That Bind:Haiti-Louisiana/U.S. Historical and Cultural Connection" (Solo Exhibit) and Special Documentary - The Haitian National Museum, MUPANAH, Port-au-Prince, Haiti (The Exhibited Artwork was a gift of recognition from the Haiti National Museum). Sponsored by The U.S. State Department through The American Embassy in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. 


"Gouts Et Couleurs d'Haiti" (Group Show) Celebrating Haitian Art and Culture. Sponsored by The Haitian Consulate in Atlanta, GA. 

"Celebrating Haitian History" (Solo Exhibit) - Haitian-American Historical Museum and Archives, North Miami, Florida. 

Group Show: Louisiana Historical Archives - Baton Rouge, LA. 


"Artigra Art Exhibit II" (Group Show) - The Guichard Gallery, Chicago, Illinois.    


"The Ties That Bind: Louisiana/U.S. Historical and Cultural Connection" - Sponsored by The New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Foundation, Southern University and Molto Chamber Orchestra - Le Musee of Free People of Color, New Orleans, LA. 


Awarded by The Links Chapter of Baton Rouge - Baton Rouge, LA. 


"Celebrate 1st Anniversary Featuring the Unveiling of George and Leah McKenna's Portraits, executed by Ulrick Jean-Pierre." - George and Leah Mckenna Museum of African-American Art, New Orleans, LA. 


"Haiti: The Forgotten Monument of Universal Freedom and its Creolized Cultural Treasure" - Lecture and Slides Presentation. Louisiana State University Department of Geography & Anthropology, Baton Rouge, LA. 

"Haitian Historical Art Exhibit (United Haitian Artists - Group Show), Commemorating Haiti's 200 Years of Independence" - Queens Museum of Art, Queens, NY. 

"Price for Freedom" - Documentary Film, featuring Ulrick Jean-Pierre's Historical Painting Series - Metisse Media Production, Atlanta, Georgia. 

"The Intersection of Contemporary Haitian Art" (Group Exhibit) - George and Leah McKenna Museum of African-American Art, New Orleans, LA. 


"Life Outside of Pearl: In Search of a Dream" - Film featuring Haitian Historical Paintings of Ulrick Jean-Pierre. Johnny Desarmes Film Production, Hollywood, CA. 

"Miracle Quest" - Documentary (Discovery Channel) featuring some of Ulrick Jean-Pierre's Historical Paintings. Authentic Entertainment Film Production. Los Angeles, CA. 

"2007 Haiti Symposium" - Lecture and Slide Presentations. The Haitian Community Relations Conference, Auburn Avenue Research Library, Atlanta, GA. 

"Representations of Spirituality in the Work of Ulrick Jean-Pierre". College Language Association Annual Conference. Barry University (Florida). 

"The Most Successful Revolt: Haiti and the Revolution of 1804" - Multimedia Presentation, Africa Awareness Week, Morehouse College, Atlanta, GA.

"The Art of Ulrick Jean-Pierre" - Text by Cecile Accilien. Columbus State University and Artist's Mission: Text by Ulrick Jean-Pierre. The Common Routes of Haiti (special issue) Spring 2007. The Southern Quarterly, a Journal of the Arts, published by the University of Mississippi. 


"Revolutionary Freedoms" (Book release) - Exclusively featured many in the series of Ulrick Jean-Pierre's Historical Paintings, and Essays on Haiti's History and Culture and its Connection to Louisiana, written by International Scholars of Numerous Disciplines and Edited by Professors Cecile Accilien, Jessica Adams and Elmide Meleance. Published by Caribbean Studies Press, Florida. 

"Common Routes: St Domingue-Louisiana" - Historic New Orleans Collection Museum, New Orleans, LA. 

"The Battle of Vertieres: Through the Lenses of Ulrick Jean-Pierre" - University of Maryland, College Park, MD. 

"Haitian History and Culture: Commemorating the Battle of Vertieres" - New York University, La Maison Francaise, 


"Deye mon, gen mon: A Celebration of Haiti's Bicentennial in Art, Music, History and Spirit: Unveiling Haiti's History Through the Art of Ulrick Jean-Pierre" - Portland State University, Portland, Oregon. 

"The Haitian Revolution: Celebrating the First Black Republic" - curated by Charles L. Blockson. African-American Museum, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 

"Celebrating Haitian History and Diversity" - Tams Talk Artist Museum, Port-Arthur, Texas. 

"Celebrating the Haitian Bicentennial of Independence" - Black World History Museum, Saint-Louis, Missouri. 

"Madness and Creativity" - Meharry College of Medicine, Nashville, Tennessee. 


"The Impact of the Haitian Revolution" - New Orleans Municipal Auditorium

"From a Legacy of Freedom to an Explosion of Culture: May 1803-May 2003 - Commemoration of the Haitian Flag" - African-American Research Library and Cultural Center and A.C.T.I.O.N. Foundation Inc., Fort Lauderdale, Florida. 


"Of Revolution and Peace" - John A. Logan College Museum, sponsored by Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, Illinois. 


"A Tribute to Satchmo" - Louis Armstrong Centennial Art Exhibit, first prize.  Mayor's Office of Tourism and Art and French Quarter North and South Art Guild, New Orleans, Louisiana. 

"Haitian Contemporary and Historical Paintings" - Barrister's Gallery, New Orleans, Louisiana. 

"Public Art" - City of New Orleans Arts Council, New Orleans, Louisiana. 


"Creolization in the Academy and the Community" - gallery exhibit and symposium. Tulane University, Center for Scholars and Interdisciplinary Scholars' Network, New Orleans, Louisiana. 

"A Great People of World History" - National Association of Haitian Physicians annual meeting. Fort Lauderdale, Florida. 

"A Bi-centennial Celebration of the Haitian Revolution" - Organization of American States, Washington, District of Columbia. 


"Revelation" - Moving Spirit Gallery, Atlanta, Georgia. 

"Inspirations" - traveling group show. Southern University (Hammond, Louisiana) and Contemporary Arts Center (New Orleans, Louisiana)

"Ulrick Jean-Pierre's Haitian Historical and Contemporary Paintings" - Barrister's Gallery, New Orleans, Louisiana. 


"Of Revolution and Peace: Paintings by Ulrick Jean-Pierre" - Birmingham Civil Rights Institute, Birmingham, Alabama. 

"The Art of Haiti" - group show, Contemporary Arts Center, New Orleans, Louisiana. 

"An Exhibition of the Works of Ulrick Jean-Pierre" - National Association of Haitian Physicians annual meeting, Chicago, Illinois. 

"Commemoration of Vertieres" - Haitian Association of Atlanta. Spelman College, Atlanta, Georgia.


"Ulrick Jean-Pierre Salutes Hurston" - Zora Neale Hurston Museum of Fine Arts, Eatonville, Florida. 

"A Celebration of World Culture" - The Louisiana International Art Exhibition of Southeastern Louisiana University, Hammond, Louisiana. 

"Essence Festival Art Exhibit" - Ernest Memorial Convention Center, New Orleans, Louisiana. 


"Conference Art Exposition" - National Urban League. Ernest Memorial Convention Center, New Orleans, Louisiana. 

"An Artist's View of Haiti's History" - Mostly African Cultural Art Center, Natchez, Mississippi. 

"Third Annual African-American Exhibit (Celebrating Black History)" - Bethune Cookman College Museum, Daytona Beach, Florida. 


"Historical Expressions" - sponsored by Mayor Marc Morial in honor of Port-au-Prince Mayor Evans Paul. Gallier Hall, New Orleans, Louisiana. 

"Contemporary Lifestyle and Historical Impressions" - La Belle Gallerie, New Orleans, Louisiana. 

"Art in City Hall" - annual exhibition. Philadelphia City Hall, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 


"Haitian Cultural Legacy" - sponsored by Black African National Diaspora (BAND), Inc. New Orleans, Louisiana. 

International Art Exhibition, sponsored by Amaj Enterprises. Southampton Princess Hotel, Southampton, Bermuda. 

Group Show, Long Island Cultural Center. Long Island, New York. 

"Celebration of the Haitian Flag" - Medgar Evers College. Brooklyn, New York. 

Group Show, King Plow Art Center. Atlanta, Georgia. 


African-American Art exhibit - Boat House Row. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 

"Celebrating the Arts" - West Philadelphia Cultural Alliance. University of the Arts, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 


"Haitian Cultural Legacy" - Meadows Museum of Art. Shreveport, Louisiana. 

"Speaking in Our Own Tongue: 'Hommage aux Indiens'" - Taller Pertorriqueno. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 

African-Haitian exhibit - Cultural Images. Wilmington, Delaware. 

"Ulrick Jean-Pierre at the Crockett Environmental Atelier" - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 

"Contemporary Haitian Art" - Seral Gallery. Miami, Florida. 


"Celebration of Haitian History" - Caribbean Arts LTD, New Orleans, Louisiana. 

Black History Month Celebration, sponsored by WYLD radio. Bergen Galleries, New Orleans, Louisiana. 

"Afro-American Art" - sponosred by KBCE radio station. Metro Center Gallery, Alexandria, Louisiana. 


"The Many Faces of Jimmy Carter" - The Museum of Jimmy Carter, Carter Presidential Library, Atlanta, Georgia. 

"Religion on Canvas" - Bolivar Gallery. Washington, District of Columbia. 

"Haiti's History on Canvas" - group show. French Embassy, Washington, District of Columbia. 

"Freedom of Arts Expression" - Philadelphia Cultural Art Alliance. Movement Theater, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 

"Contemporary Expressions of Haitian Art" - group show. Heritage Gallery, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 


"Earth and Sea" - organized by Bolivar Gallery. Howard University, Washington, District of Columbia. 

"Haitian-African History" - LaSalle University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 


Fall Exhibit. Smith Jordan Gallery, Vorhees, New Jersey. 

"88 Art" - Crocket Atelier, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 

"Haiti: The First Black Republic" - Smithsonian Traveling Art Exhibit. Gallery Caribe, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 

"An Artist's View of Haiti's History" - Afro-American Historical and Cultural Museum, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 


"Zaka" - second place, Afro-American Art Festival Competition. City of Philadelphia and Minority Art Resource Council. Uptown Visual Complex, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 

"Wisdom of the Great" - first place, First Annual Art Competition. Velascopia Art Center, Trenton, New Jersey. 

National Art Program Exhibit group show - honorable mention. Municipal Service Building, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 

Afro-American Art Festival group show. Freedom Theatre, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 

"Haitian Culture and Contemporary Expressions" - Mazarin Gallery, New York, New York. 


"Haitian History on Canvas", Haitian Embassy, Washington, District of Columbia. 

Visual Expressions' October Gallery group show. Dufey Hotel, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 


"Commemoration de Vertieres", Musee historique Mouilin-sur-mer, Montrouis, Haiti. 

"The Voice of Haitian History and Culture", Drexel University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 


"Contemporary Lifestyles and Historical Impressions I and II", Federal Reserve Bank, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 


"Celebration: Haitian Independence Day", Temple University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 


"Celebration of Haitian Art", Saint Joseph University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 

Minority Art Resource Council Competition, winner. Cinque Gallery, New York, New York. 


"Gingerbread House", first place. Expressions '81 Competition, Minority Arts Council. Civic Center Museum, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 

"Haitian History on Canvas", National Museum of Haiti, Port-au-Prince. 

"Slave Uprising", French Institute, Port-au-Prince, Haiti. 


"Celebration of Black History Month", exhibit. John Wanamaker's Grand Court, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 

"Vernissage of the Historical Series", National Museum of Haiti, Port-au-Prince. 

Historical Exhibit, Minister of National Education. Port-au-Prince, Haiti. 

Historical Exhibit, Museum of Haitian Arts. Port-au-Prince, Haiti. 


"Haitian Artist's View of His History", Martin Luther King Library. Washington, District of Columbia. 

"Haitian Art Expressions", sponsored by the Bolivar Gallery. Organization of American States, Washington, District of Columbia. 


"Haitian Art Expressions", Haitian Cultural Society. Cheyney State University and York, Pennsylvania Historical Society. Cheyney, Pennsylvania. 

"Haitian Art Expressions", Haitian Art Cultural Center. Allen's Lane Art Center, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 

"Portrait of President Carter", Permanent collection, Carter Presidential Library. Atlanta, Georgia. 


African Carribean Art Festival Competition, first prize. Angola, Africa. 

"Communications via Art Expressions", Drexel University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 


"L'expression des jeunes peintres haitiens", traveling show. Batista Gallery, Madrid, Spain. 

Mysticism Art Exhibit, La Rose Center Gallery. Port-au-Prince, Haiti. 

Haitian Art Exhibit, Les Beaux Arts Gallery. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 


"L'expression des jeunes peintres haitiens", traveling show, Macouse Gallery. Montreal, Canada. 

Le Foyer des Arts Plastiques & Aux Artisans Gallery, Port-au-Prince, Haiti.